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1500+ gaming media sites

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 Happy Customers

We sent a press release about Endciv's Greenlight-campaign. Endciv got featured by Kotaku and it achieved #3 spot on Greenlight in the matter of days.

Kevin Scheitler

CEO of Crowbox - Creator of Endciv
We used Indie Press Release for our game, The Count Lucanor. Thanks to the media coverage we got, our game got the attention of ~500k gamers around the world.


Co-Founder of Baroque Decay - Creator of The Count Lucanor


Want your own happy story? 



No need to marry a publisher just to reach the press



We spent 3 months building our lists - day and night

So you wouldn't have to.

3 months, 14 hours a day. Weekends included. That's 1275 man hours of work. Meticulously cataloguing and researching gaming sites to build our contact list. Creating connections and getting to know journalists individually.

All that is research and work we've done for you. So you could focus on where your time is best spent on. Developing your game.



Poor Stephen. That's 3 months he'll never get back..


Normally you would either have to hire a PR firm or make a deal with a publisher to get access to the kind of contacts we offer. Neither of those options isn't cheap and there's a reason for it. Building contacts and a network takes a lot of time and effort, making it very sought for and valuable.


But it doesn't have to be that way. Why should you sell your soul just to get access to press contacts? If you can write a press release yourself and you know how to pitch your game, all you need are the contacts.


That is what we offer here at Indie Press Release. Our vast network of contacts at your disposal. With no strings attached or with someone leeching off of your revenue.


Benefit from our hard work.



We offer generous pay for our affiliates

Get paid for every click + a juicy commission for every sale you bring in. Payment averages 200$ per 1000 clicks.


10$ commission per referral. 10$ for 1000 clicks.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send press copies?

Yes! You can either have a link to a download or distribute Steam Keys/Itch.io licences/etc. through the system. You'll get all the unsent license keys back.

Do you have a list of Streamers/Youtubers as well?

Yes, but we haven't added them to Indie Press Release yet. We'll add that soon.

Do you have any analytics to measure the campaign's performance?

Not yet. Adding proper analytics system is expensive and we would need to heavily increase the price of the service. For now, you can easily check your coverage with a Google search with a time range or setting up a Google Alert. Alternatively, you can use our custom search engine to only search from sites on our contact list.

Why won't you send the press release to all the contacts?

Not all our contacts cover all kinds of games and they prefer not to get press releases or review copies about games they are not interested in. That's why we have decided to send the releases only to relevant contacts. On average, we send the press release to around 1000 sites per game.

Why do you require 24 hours before sending the press release?

To make sure your press release submission is ok, we want to manually check all the submissions before sending the release. I think you'll agree that you'd rather have all go well with your precious press release before the emails go out.



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